LOA: 33' 6" (10.21m) I: 40' 6" (12.34m)
 LWL: 31' 9" (9.68m) J: 11' (3.35m)
 Beam: 14' (4.27m) P: 36' (10.97m)
 Draft 18" / 5' 6" (.46m / 1.67m) Water: 60 Gallons (227 L)
 Displacement: 8600lbs (3900 kgs) Fuel: 36 Gallons (136 l)
 Sail Area: 690 sq ft (64 m) Holding: 18 Gallons (68 l)
 LOA: 33' 6" (10.21m) I: 40' 6" (12.34m)
 Lifting Sillette Sonic Sail Drive 27 HP Westerbeke Diesel

Sailing the Gemini Catamaran

It All Begins with the Hull Shape

Gemini Hull Shape :: A performance driven hull shape that still delivers on load-carrying, stability, and ride.

Unique Hull Shape - Click

First introduced on the original Gemini 105M, the hull shape of the 105Mc is still revolutionary in the multihull industry. The hulls of the Gemini 105Mc are shallow and shaped much like a "teardrop" which requires little force to move the 105Mc through the water yet it also provides a high load carrying capacity (450 lb per hull per 1"). The bridge deck has 39" of clearance at the bow. This, combined with the lack of pitching and wave making, translates to a comfortable ride with no heeling. The shape has been tested and proven in a wide variety of conditions... surfing down 30' waves in the mid-Atlantic, sailing to Hawaii, or cruising down the Intracoastal waterway.

The Gemini hulls provide many advantages considering their weight and structural rigidity. The entire hull mold is one complete unit including the centerboard cases. This single unit eliminates any secondary bonding down the keel, at the bridge deck or around the centerboard cases making for a far stronger hull. The result - a faster, stronger, and more stable platform that provides excellent sailing performance.

How's She Sail to Windward?

Asymmetrical Centerboards :: Extend 5'6 for windward sailing and automatically retract for shallow water sailing or mooring.  The boards can also be extended to varying depths depending on conditions.

Asymmetrical Centerboards - Click

Throughout the history of the Gemini Catamaran, the centerboards have always been her secret weapon and the reason why she points so well to windward. The lift-able boards provide plenty of 'grip' while going to windward yet are easily retractable.

Sailing downwind, the boards are raised thus minimizing drag and maximizing performance. The 105Mc's centerboards combine the pivoting, kick up cruising convenience of centerboards, with the remarkably efficient shape of dagger boards.

The centerboards in the Gemini 105Mc have an advanced asymmetric shape that lifts the boat to windward with reduced drag. The boards are now molded with closed cell foam, which ensures they will last a lifetime.

The centerboards case has a Plexiglas cover enabling the operator to see whether they are up or down. Centerboards are operated from inside and will easily kick up if the boat is grounded The boards extend 5' 6" in the down position and 18" when up.

The Rig

The 105Mc gets up to speed quickly with her Selden minimal fractional rig with a single adjustable back stays on a 1 ft. crane. This new, efficient full battened, big head mainsail goes behind the backstay improving drive and reducing heel. The advanced design of this Dave Beirig designed sail allows it to easily pass through the backstay. This rig enables an optional large, lightweight masthead-furling drifter. It is attached 1 ft above the roller genoa and tacks down to a curved track between the bows. The drifter is ideal hard to windward in light airs or off the wind as an asymmetric spinnaker tacked to windward.

Screacher Sail :: After experiencing the performance benefits of the screacher sail, most owners simply can't imagine the Gemini without the performance and ease of the roller-drifter screacher sail.

Screacher Sail Option - Click

The optional 200% roller screacher is mounted on a curved track to enable you to pull it to windward for maximum efficiency. This unique system is a cruisers dream; a spinnaker substitute that can be rolled in and out, as well as a racers option for its ability to be used for upwind work in light airs.

The Gemini 105Mc deck is configured for an anchor pass-through the bowsprit. This enables the option of a 200% roller screecher sail. The base of the 420 square foot sail is mounted on a curved track between the bows. This sail is a racer's dream in light air as it can be used on any point of sail.

For the cruiser, the sail offers an excellent alternative to a spinnaker as the track enables the foot of the sail to be pulled windward on a reach or broad reach. The sail is also a roller furler so it extremely easy to work with. The photo to the right shows the track setup in detail.

The First-Ever Lifting, Underhung Rudder System in a Cruising Catamaran

The rudders on the Gemini 105Mc were actually introduced to the boat in 1994 with the 3400 models. The revolutionary design has been so successful, there has been little need to alter the system. They are mechanically joined through the steering system and will steer the boat at 3' or 18" of water without putting any extra load on the helm. In fact, the Gemini exhibits little to no weather helm. Her steering is precise, balanced, and easy. Using two sets of lines, the rudders can be raised or lowered - and automatically raise if and when the boat enters shallow water.

A solid 1 ½" stainless steel post that runs through the middle of each rudder making it exceptionally strong. The rudders are very well balanced and easily kick up if they hit the bottom.